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Art Therapy

Memory to distill the nectar of what we have learned from experiences. Without memory there is no progress or growth, because it is like resetting our life to the starting point every time, without putting the lessons learned to good use.

With memory we recall our bravest victories and our greatest defeats, which determined life and death in the most decisive moments, until we realize that there are no victories or defeats, innocent or guilty, only the awareness of having lived a life with meaning… or living without meaning.
Memory to help not forget, to know when to be strong or weak, love or be loved, act or breathe without moving. Remembering that our mistakes don’t repeat themselves, because mistakes aren’t but exploration of the world that gave birth to us. Remember that the successes achieved with sweat can be repeated again and again, whenever we are willing to sweat again.

Memory becomes faith, when you fall seven times and get up eight times, surviving.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a crown to rejoice in or a virus to succumb to, impermanent and passing through, only the memory of us will remain in the memory of the people we loved. And if one day, when I’m gone, my son will roll his eyes just once, and smile at the memory of one of my many crazy things, then life will have had meaning, my meaning.

In the meantime, in the midst of life’s ups and downs, we just have to… have a coffee.