18 life lessons for my son I wish I knew sooner

18 life lessons for my son, I would have paid for to know sooner.

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Act in deeds
Act with actions, not words.
And if you give your word, keep it always.

Respect everyone
Have respect for everyone, no matter if rich or poor, strong or weak. People’s true nature reveals itself in how they treat the weakest.

Be disciplined
The man you are at 20 depends on luck, the man you will be at 40 depends on your discipline. Be neat and clean, out of respect for yourself and others.

Do what you love
If you do just what you like, your life will be difficult. If you do just what you have to, your life will be better. But to have a happy life, do what you deeply love.

Show gratitude
Give thanks every day for what you have, instead of thinking about what you lack, because life smiles on those who smile at it.

Have no regrets
Leave everyone a good memory of you and do no harm to anyone. And above all, don’t try to please others, but please the man you will be in 20 years.

Make yourself free
Freedom is important to a man. Make yourself independent, so that no one can pressure you, and you can take care of yourself and those you love.

Do not trust
In general, don’t trust anyone, and if someone does you a favor, ask yourself what they’ll want in return. But rejoice if someone proves to you that they are the exception.

Distinguish friends
Whoever finds a true friend finds a treasure. It is in sickness and need that you will recognize them.

Discover beauty inside and out
If you want pleasure, look for a beautiful woman, if you want serenity, look for a good woman. If you want love find a woman who is both and become the man who deserves it.

Beware of envy
Beware of jealousy of others. Envious people try to destroy the good things you have.

Cultivate humility
Humility makes you beautiful inside. Always remember that there are more things we don’t know than we think we know.

Stay a child
Cherish the child in you and keep the curiosity to learn at any age, to always remain young in spirit.

Do the right thing
Choosing the right thing is not always the easiest path. And the easy way out isn’t always the best choice.

Face the problems
When you face a huge problem, split it in little parts. Don’t look at the mountain, but concentrate on your steps, and slowly climb one step at a time.

Know your neighbor
If you want to get to know others in depth, discover their values. If you don’t have the same values, sooner or later your paths will separate.

Find God
Find God and learn to recognize him in the small signs of life. A life without God and love is miserable, no matter what those who can’t find him say.

Be happy
And finally my most important advice: walk with God and be happy. Because happiness and faith do not come from the outside by chance. It’s up to you to choose them every day of your life, despite the difficulties.