A state of Grace

1 min read

The difficult part is not the start. You do it once: after digging inside yourself, climbing, falling and trying again. Finally you reach it… a state of grace.

The next day you fall, it is expected. But how to stay in that subtle balance, the line between normality and crazyness? How to do it again and again and again, so that the daily doesn’t swallow you back in the meanders of a flat and oblivious state?

Tiredness, time, and habits are the biggest enemies.

Yet, there is a way, to find joy in little things, in every move, in every look, the way you work, the way you walk, the intensity of your gaze.

To be eagle among rabbits and firefly among flies in the dark, to sing your love when nobody hears you, and still be silly when no one sees you, to be, just to be.

This society is sick, no spirituality nor happiness to save you, with lifeless faces in the streets and subways, with pockets full… and empty souls.

I don’t want this, I feel I love myself more than I know. To dare, dare to believe that after war, pain and death, there is something more, higher and eternal, that will kiss our foreheads after saying goodbye to the fake of this world.

Love is eternity.
You who read may laugh, but I will ask you just if you are happy. If your answer is yes, I believe you, nonetheless I would never exchange my life with yours, my life full of scars, as she made me who I am… ready for a state of grace.