Privacy and Cookies Policy

Last updated 06/06/2023

Short Version

  1. GDPR: is compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation.
  2. Cookies: The website collects the minimum amount of statistical data in anonymized form to measure the performance of the website.
  3. Privacy: No personal data is collected and we don’t share personal data with third-parties

The following feedback tools will collect some data only if you interact with them:

  • The contact forms;
  • The Newsletter signup form;

Extended Policy

In order to provide our services to you, it is sometimes necessary for us to collect or process anonymized information about you, in one or more of the following forms:

  1. Information that you provide to us directly, such as in the situation where you complete an online form or send us a message via our website;
  2. Information that is automatically sent to us by your computer’s internet browser when you visit our website, such as your computer’s technical address (or ‘IP address’) or information about which particular internet browser you are using and so on;
  3. Anonymized and aggregated information about how visitors use our website, such as which pages are visited, how frequently the website is visited and so forth.

This privacy & cookie policy sets out the detail of what information is collected, as well as how that data is used and protected.

 Commitment to data privacy

We are fully committed to maintaining the privacy of any information (‘personal data’) that you provide to us. Furthermore, we commit to ensuring that such data is held securely, used appropriately and only retained for as long as is necessary.

Our systems and services are designed with privacy in mind, and we operate a ‘data minimisation’ principle – that is to say that we will only ever ask you for the minimum amount of information required to provide our services efficiently; we have no desire to retain (and therefore maintain) any more information than is necessary. We aspire to comply to the fullest extent possible with applicable data protection regulations, in particular the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) and ePrivacy Directive, where applicable.

 Who we are

In terms of your use of this website, acts in the capacity of Data Controller, and should you have any questions or concerns about the data we hold about you, we can be contacted using the information below:

Data Controller:

 Definition of ‘personal data’

When we refer to ‘personal data’ we mean any information that allows us to identify you personally. Obvious examples include your name, email address etc. We will always seek your explicit consent to providing this information before we collect it from you.

 Who we share data with

We operate on a strict ‘need to know’ basis for all data that we work with, and that is particularly true for any personal data. The only people/organisations that are granted access to personal data are:

  • Owners of who provide design and/or support services;
  • Our web hosting technology suppliers who provide the physical server infrastructures that our website operates on. Our servers in use for the European users reside physically in the EU, and no data is transferred to data centres outside the EU.

In all cases where our 3rd party service provider has an establishment outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), we ensure adequate protection of personal data via the accepted EU Model Contract Clauses or EU-US Privacy Shield framework.

 Access to your personal data

In the situation where you have directly provided personal information to us (such as by completing an online form or contacting us for further information), you have a number of rights regarding your personal data:

  • You have the right to obtain from us confirmation about whether any such data is being held;
  • You have the right to require that we provide you with whatever data we are holding about you;
  • Even if you have consented to us processing your personal data, you have the right to withdraw that permission at any time;
  • You have the right to require us to erase the data held about you;

Types of data collected

 Website contact forms

When you complete one of the contact forms on our website, we will ask you for a number of pieces of personal information, such as your name, email address and other contact details. This is obviously required for us to respond to your request.

If you do not use or submit an online form on the website, no data is collected in that regard.

 Account logins

For some website functionality, we will need to create for you a user account that allows you to login to the site to ensure that only authorized individuals can access your data and that functionality. Data collected will generally involve your name and email address as a minimum.

If you do not register for an online account then no such data will be collected in this regard.

 Technical data (such as ‘IP address’)

When you visit our website, our systems will log a anonymized record of the IP address in our server logs, in order to not allow us to identify you as an individual.

Furthermore, we do not and will not use the content of server access logs to attempt to determine an identifiable individual.

We therefore do not consider that data held within server logs falls within the scope of ‘personal data’, and accordingly we do not seek your consent to collect it.


We have included cookies that allow us to log aggregated data without identifiable personal information, of when a particular page was visited, or a particular action performed (such as signing up to the Newsletter) on our website.

There are a number of ways that you can influence how cookies are used on your particular device. Most commercial browsers (such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) allow you to set preferences for whether to allow or block website cookies, and to remove any cookies that have already been set.

 Website Analytics

We use Analytics on our server to better understand what people look at on our website. When people visit our site, information about their visit, such as visited pages, time spent on the site, and so on, is collected.

We ensure that no personally identifiable information is contained within the collected data by obscuring your IP address information, and we do not share the collected data with third-parties.

As the analytics information is not personal data, we do not specifically ask for your prior consent.