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Moby Dick

I walk broken dreams in the middle of rubbles
the breaches no more hold me from the light

In the middle of rest I am surprised by an epiphany
I am master of my destiny I am captain of my soul

So many years I searched for a pattern in the stars
with just a compass to guide me through the storms

To find out the truth that I already had it all inside
so I take a feather to rewrite anew the story of mine

No fate was written to bound me to these chains
no more I am slave in the circles of endless cycles

I don’t seek approval anymore nor yours nor mine
this is my only life nothing I know about the next

It’s as simple as the truth that now belongs to me
I am the only master of my unfathomable destiny

So let me look after you my only choice and child
as the only choice I have is the one I regret no more.