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Salvador Dali - Temptation of Saint Anthony

Maybe someday…
or today maybe,
if only I did but maybe I am done.

Hope in tomorrow might freeze your steps,
better you wake up at dawn and trust your walk.

Doing whatever or whatever’s flip side,
it doesn’t matter ash will fade in smoke.

Many succeed and still they fail,
while others dare to fail and rejoice.

Trying too hard to find a purpose,
the purpose might end up owning you.

Fear and love await at the crossroads,
eventually they’ll find you so make them friends.

Thoughts evaporate to shape your dreams,
like clouds in the black coffee drawing circles.

Start and destination turn in cycles,
with mine you’ll cross but seldom meet.

You call me crazy to feel righteous,
still infant your soul until you’ll learn to fly.

And it’s nice to know where my mind ends,
somehow the rhymes of a poem have to begin.