Persiane siciliane

Inside out of me

What I’ve seen I don’t know,once upon a time long time ago. Today I’m here a little longer,tomorrow I’ll leave for whoknows who. Fair and blue has been ...
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End of Time


Music in turmoil… the notes fade into a subdued adagioan echo of suffused memories… may joy still dance And you laugh… drunk with wings and freedombut a heart ...
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Salvador Dali - Temptation of Saint Anthony


Maybe someday… or today maybe, if only I did but maybe I am done. Hope in tomorrow might freeze your steps, better you wake up at dawn and ...
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Time Flow

Everything flows, almost

The flow of the crowd the energy fills me, passersby headed to the places of the mind I listen to the present and feel alive, Looking inside I ...
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Klimt - The Kiss


Tender like a bamboo cane, you survived space and time, with blood tattooed on your skin. Splinters of a mirror reflect your face in a thousand fragments, streams ...
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Moby Dick


I walk broken dreams in the middle of rubbles the breaches no more hold me from the light In the middle of rest I am surprised by an ...
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To give and take

Silence in the shadow of my memories where the heart hides from the winds My tears without voice I really didn’t see not knowing that still I was ...
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Moon Candy

Sweet like a kitten in the dark you look at the food in the hand  wondering who will win…  your hunger or fear?  Biting your lips red like roses your raven ...
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The tree of knowledge

In the enchanted gardenthe tree of knowledgeopened the veil to curiosity The fruits of her now all too ripethey exploded in a swirl of chiaroscuro from the branches ...
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Wassily Kandinsky - Composition VIII


Inside the house waited a mask of wearing it I wasn’t aware Poetry and beauty to hide the memory of silent the pain of the heart A canvas ...
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That closet on the wallset on the wall he looked at me impassivewith shelf ironyIn the throes of anxietyI went and came backrealizing that she was always there… ...
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I have seen naked beings torn in the chest struggle on the ground in agony Other beings with butterfly’s hearts hovering in transparency  Flowers wither at change of season vanish ...
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